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Contract J.A.C.K

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default Contract J.A.C.K

Mesaj tarafından Karaşimşek Bir Perş. Haz. 03, 2010 7:01 pm

Sürüm Adı____ : Contract J.A.C.K
Crack______: İçinde Mevcut
Serial____: ----/----/----/----
Dosya Türü_____: Sanal Sürücü
Part Sayısı_____: 5 (200 MB)

When it
comes to franchises, you expect a certain consistency of feel and tone,
and a certain degree of quality. No One Lives Forver and NOLF 2: A Spy
in H.A.R.M.'s Way were both kooky stealth-action spy games. They were
known for silly characters, goofy gadgets, a storyline, and satirizing
60's spy movies. So when a game comes along that positions itself as the
official prequel to NOLF 2, you'd think this trend would continue,
right? Except this time from a male perspective.