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Insurgency: Modern Infantry Combat

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default Insurgency: Modern Infantry Combat

Mesaj tarafından Karaşimşek Bir Perş. Haz. 03, 2010 8:34 pm

Sürüm Adı____ : Insurgency Modern
Infantry Combat
Dosya Türü_____:
Sanal Sürücü
Part Sayısı_____: 6 (200

In this game which purpose,
grab and deduction of points, you can act both at the marines of the
American Army and the rebels of the Liberation Army of Iraq. Arrangement
of objects, areas and number of reinforcements available, depends on a
card and varies from battle to battle.

The focus of the game is
on realism. On the screen is missing some elements of the HUD, such as
health indicator, the number of rounds in the weapon, the sight. The
death of a player comes from one or two shots, etc.

You can
become a commander, or be subordinate, but only the Commander with
harmonious support of fighters, can lead a team to victory. Using the
Communications Menu, commander can call in reinforcements, fighting to
change the purpose, assign and change the point of collection, to give
orders and control his subordinates. The system of the game in the form
of commander-subordinate, most accurately reproduces the actual fighting
and doing "Insurgency: Modern Infantry Combat" perfect tactical
shooter, among a large number of similar games.

with your teammates, and moving from point to point, you must achieve
numerical superiority in the game, and thereby destroy weakening the
enemy. Killing Enemies and performing combat tasks, you increase your
military experience and rank in the game, observe which you can at the
top of your screen. But do not forget that killing the player, you do
not know your enemy is dead or not, and only visual contact can be a
sign of death, so beware of possible opponent, as you may find yourself
in his shoes. Game atmosphere of "rebellion" will allow you to
completely immersed in a world of ideal command fight...